Signwell SWLB-MJ002 Memjet Laser 25mic PET Film Digital Printing Label

Tailored to leverage the high-resolution and fast throughput of Memjet laser printers, the 25mic PET Film ensures crisp, vibrant prints with excellent color saturation and detail. The material's PET construction offers superior strength and stability, while its thin profile enables a sleek, conformable application to various surfaces.

Short Introduction

The Memjet Laser 25mic PET Film Digital Printing Label is a premium, thin-gauge label material engineered for use with the cutting-edge Memjet laser digital printing technology. At just 25 microns thick, this PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) film label combines high-quality print capabilities with a lightweight and flexible composition.

Products Description

Product Name

Memjet PET Film Label

Item No.


Top Coating


Glue Type

Water Based Glue


25 mic PET

Release paper

150g Yellow Chrome Paper

Printing Method

Memjet, Laser


Roll Length: 100-2000m, Roll Width:40-1070mm

Sheets: 330mm*482mm, 320mm*460m, 530mm*762m


Export Standard Packing;Customized


  • Perfect coating effect, smallest roughness, less concave-convex.

  • Glossy pearl white, inkjet printing, waterproof, damp-proof, good stiffness. Temperature resistance, anti-erosion, good block-out effect.

  • Suitable for digital inkjet printing, compatible ink of pigment and dye with good color reducibility.


Mainly used for not only by the small Format Desktop Inkjet and Industrial Inkjet Printing Press like Epson,VIP Color,Colordyne,Canon, other Inkjet Memjet Press, but also for the indoor or outdoor large format inkjet printing.

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