Signwell SWLB-MJ008 Memjet Laser 310g Chrome Paper Digital Printing Label

Featuring a heavy 310-gram weight and a reflective chrome-finished surface, this label material delivers significantly enhanced print quality with vivid color reproduction and sharp detail. The chrome coating also adds a layer of durability, protecting against moisture and handling.

Short Introduction

The Memjet Laser 310g Chrome Paper Digital Printing Label is a premium, high-density label stock designed to interact flawlessly with the precision of Memjet laser digital printing technology. This substantial 310gsm chrome paper label provides a substantial feel and a lustrous appearance, ensuring that labels not only catch the eye but also exude quality.

Products Description

Product Name

Chrome Paper

Item No.


Top Coating


Glue Type



310 Chrome Paper

Release paper


Printing Method

Memjet, Laser


Roll Length: 100-2000m, Roll Width:40-1070mm

Sheets: 330mm*482mm, 320mm*460m, 530mm*762m


Export Standard Packing;Customized


  • Perfect coating effect, smallest roughness, less concave-convex.

  • Glossy pearl white, inkjet printing, waterproof, damp-proof, good stiffness. Temperature resistance, anti-erosion, good block-out effect.

  • Suitable for digital inkjet printing, compatible ink of pigment and dye with good color reducibility.


The Memjet Laser 310g Chrome Paper Digital Printing Label is adept for upscale marketing collateral, such as premium product labels, packaging highlights, and specialty branding materials. It is especially suitable for items in the cosmetics, fine wines, and gourmet food markets, where packaging requires a sophisticated touch. Moreover, its rigidity and weight lend themselves to use as high-end business cards, invitation cards, and other print products where quality and durability are key.

Overall, this label stock is a sumptuous and reliable option for businesses seeking to elevate their products with a label that is both visually appealing and enduring.

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