Memjet Laser 100mic PP Film Digital Printing Label

Specially designed for the high-speed and high-fidelity capabilities of Memjet laser printers, this 100mic PP Film Label is manufactured to deliver crisp, vibrant print results that capture every nuance of design, from intricate graphics to fine text. The substantial thickness of the polypropylene material not only enhances the tactile quality of the labels but also provides a strong barrier against environmental stressors.

Short Introduction

The Memjet Laser 100mic PP (Polypropylene) Film Digital Printing Label is a robust, thick-gauge labeling solution tailored for use with advanced Memjet laser digital printing systems. At 100 microns, this PP film label is characterized by its exceptional durability and adaptability, catering to a wide range of industrial and commercial labeling needs.

Products Description

Product Name

Memjet PP Film Label

Item No.


Top Coating


Glue Type

Water Based Glue


100 mic PP

Release paper

150g Chrome Paper

Printing Method

Memjet, Laser


Roll Length: 100-2000m, Roll Width:40-1070mm

Sheets: 330mm*482mm, 320mm*460m, 530mm*762m


Export Standard Packing;Customized


  • Perfect coating effect, smallest roughness, less concave-convex.

  • Glossy pearl white, inkjet printing, waterproof, damp-proof, good stiffness. Temperature resistance, anti-erosion, good block-out effect.

  • Suitable for digital inkjet printing, compatible ink of pigment and dye with good color reducibility.


The Memjet Laser 100mic PP Film Digital Printing Label is an optimal choice for products that face harsh conditions, such as automotive parts, gardening supplies, and industrial chemicals. Its resistance to moisture and chemicals also makes it ideal for labeling in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food packaging sectors. This label's thickness and durability are particularly advantageous for items that require a long-lasting label that can endure significant wear and tear.

In essence, this PP film label is a dependable, high-quality option for businesses that demand a durable and visually striking label capable of withstanding rigorous use and challenging environments.

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