Memjet Laser 42g Japanese Paper Digital Printing Label

This label material brings the delicate texture and natural feel of Japanese paper to the forefront, allowing for a sophisticated and organic look that stands out. It is engineered to ensure that the intricate qualities of the paper are preserved while optimizing ink absorption for sharp, vivid imagery and clear, legible text.

Short Introduction

The Memjet Laser 42g Japanese Paper Digital Printing Label offers a unique blend of traditional aesthetics and modern printing capabilities. Crafted from 42-gram lightweight yet durable Japanese paper, this label material is tailored for compatibility with the high-speed and high-resolution Memjet laser digital printers.

Products Description

Product Name

Japanese Paper

Item No.


Top Coating


Glue Type

Water Based Glue


42g Japanese Paper

Release paper

150g Chrome Paper

Printing Method

Memjet, Laser


Roll Length: 100-2000m, Roll Width:40-1070mm

Sheets: 330mm*482mm, 320mm*460m, 530mm*762m


Export Standard Packing;Customized


  • Perfect coating effect, smallest roughness, less concave-convex.

  • Glossy pearl white, inkjet printing, waterproof, damp-proof, good stiffness. Temperature resistance, anti-erosion, good block-out effect.

  • Suitable for digital inkjet printing, compatible ink of pigment and dye with good color reducibility.


The Memjet Laser 42g Japanese Paper Digital Printing Label is particularly suited for premium branding purposes where the packaging requires a touch of sophistication, such as in the gourmet food, artisanal products, and high-end cosmetic industries. Its graceful look and feel are perfect for specialty boutique items, limited edition goods, and any product that seeks to convey a sense of craftsmanship and quality. Additionally, it can be used for event and wedding labels, wine bottles, and other luxury items that benefit from the distinctive aesthetic of Japanese paper.

In summary, this label material is an excellent choice for businesses seeking to enrich their products with a label that offers a sense of luxury and a high-quality printing canvas.

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