Black Self Adhesive Paper

Signwell Aluminum Water-based Adhesive Foil & Art Paper
Short Introduction

Black self-adhesive paper is a specialized material with a deep black color, offering striking contrast and aesthetic appeal. Ideal for premium labeling, packaging, and artistic projects, its opaque nature provides excellent coverage, while the adhesive backing ensures secure application on various surfaces.

Products Description

Beyond its traditional uses, self-adhesive paper is also finding innovative applications in various industries and contexts. For instance, black self-adhesive paper is gaining popularity for its unique properties and aesthetic appeal. This specialized paper, with its deep black color, offers a striking contrast that can make designs and text stand out dramatically.

Businesses are increasingly using black self-adhesive paper for premium labeling and packaging, particularly for luxury products where a sleek and sophisticated presentation is essential. The rich black background provides an elegant backdrop for branding elements, logos, and product information, enhancing the overall visual impact and perceived value of the product.

Moreover, black self-adhesive paper is also being utilized in creative arts and crafts projects. Crafters and artists appreciate its versatility for creating bold and dramatic effects in scrapbooking, card making, and mixed media projects. The adhesive backing ensures easy application onto various surfaces, allowing for seamless integration into artistic compositions.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, black self-adhesive paper offers practical benefits as well. Its opaque nature provides excellent coverage, making it ideal for concealing underlying surfaces or imperfections. Furthermore, the adhesive properties ensure that labels and decorations stay securely in place, even on challenging surfaces such as glass or plastic.

Overall, the emergence of black self-adhesive paper opens up new possibilities for designers, marketers, and artists alike. Its combination of visual impact, versatility, and practicality makes it a valuable tool for creating impactful branding, packaging, and artistic creations that leave a lasting impression on viewers.


  • Permanent color

  • Waterproof

  • Oil-proof

  • With strong sense of the three-dimensional

  • Good touch

  • Leather visual effect


1. Packaging boxes

2. Gift boxes

3. Wine boxes

4. Jewelry boxes

5. Tea boxes

6. Shopping bags

7. Cosmetic bags