2 x 3 Laser 50um Matte Silver PET Digital Printing Label

This 2 x 3 label material capitalizes on a matte silver finish to provide a modern and elegant look that is less reflective than its glossy counterparts, ideal for brands aiming for a more refined presentation. Its exceptional print compatibility ensures sharp, high-definition graphics and text for a professional result.

Short Introduction

The Laser 50um Matte Silver PET Digital Printing Label offers a sophisticated, subdued metallic appearance paired with the resilience of PET film. At a 50-micrometer thickness, this label is poised to deliver durability and a premium printing canvas for laser digital printers.


  • Environmentally friendly materials

  • Antistatic coating

  • No curling

  • Wear-resistant

  • Suitable for most laser printer


The Laser 50um Matte Silver PET Digital Printing Label is perfect for labeling electronics, luxury goods, and industrial components where a muted yet upscale appearance is desired. It is also suitable for barcoding, asset tracking, and certification labels in environments where readability is critical and exposure to elements is a concern.

Overall, this label is an attractive choice for businesses looking for a label that combines a subtle aesthetic with high functionality and endurance in demanding conditions.