Custom One Way Vision Window Film

Signwell's one-way visibility window film can cover any layer of glass completely, in sizes of 48", 60", and 72". It is single-sided, smooth, and high-definition printed, capable of printing various forms.


Signwell's one-way visibility window film is made of PET material, which is a polyester film. It has high hardness and optical cleanliness, with almost 100% optical transparency. It has high one-way visibility, requiring a light source magnified ten times on the other side to be visible. It also provides strong privacy protection.


100% clarity, security guarantee, reduces 99% of UV rays. It is produced using high-performance polyester film, and we offer customized production services. It comes with a warranty period of up to 10 years, and the printing efficiency is very high.

Short Introduction
Microperforated vinyl window film covering one way vision allow stunning graphics on one side and a clear, unobstructed view from the other. Virtually all glass surfaces now have the potential for maximum visual impact. It is the perfect window-graphics media for outdoor advertising, including vehicle and building wraps, POP, retail and commercial window signage, corporate identity and much more.

Products Description

Product Name

One way vision 14140

Item No.




Perforate Ratio



140 mic

Release paper

140 gsm

Printing Ink

Eco solvent, Solvent, UV, Latex




Export Carton


  • Among the most durable window films in the industry.

  • Two perforation sizes and patterns, with up to 40% of the film perforated to achieve the desired image. resolution and one-way visibility.

  • Clear pressure-sensitive adhesive and solid release liner.

  • Easy to print, install and remove.

  • Reduces heat and glare from the sun.

  • Enhances security and privacy. 


1. Window advertising and decoration

2. Shopping mall promotional advertising

3. Bus/Car glass advertising

4. Window shelft

5. Protect privacy

  • SW-OWV005

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