How To Use Cold Lamination Film In Winter?

2023-12-29 13:46:41 SignWell Materials

Cold lamination film is an advertising material that can be printed. It can still be used normally and is very convenient when used in a standardized way. Problems can still be encountered in the winter, and due to the effects of winter, the main difference is the change in temperature difference and the change in the moderate environment, which can lead to a lot of tricky problems. We offer you solutions to important problems and we help you to solve everything.


A foggy feeling is formed in a large area

1. The pressure on the film is not enough, you can adjust the pressure of the cold laminator, and you can be the pressure is enough.

2. The cold laminator is rough and not smooth on both sides. Can adjust the cold laminator both with adjusting screws, can achieve equal both.

3. Can not be firmly glued, because winter can reduce the physical properties, resulting in bad adhesion of glue, you can increase the ambient temperature and replace the cold lamination film.

White spots appear after lamination

1. The viscosity of the glue is not enough, which makes it hard to stick, you can still solve the problem by increasing the ambient temperature and replacing the cold lamination film.

2. The glue is too thin to stick, you can remove the thin position of the glue, and need to filter the thin glue.

3. There is dust in the air, you can use an air purifier, live to prevent dust from entering, but it is best to use a dust remover.

4. Water droplets appear, so it is best to use dehumidifiers in the process, need to pay attention to air conditioners, heaters, and other equipment.


Precautions for using cold lamination film in winter

Care should be taken that the temperature is not too low during use.

Use slower speeds and higher temperatures in poorer climates.

It is possible to use a heater with a hot air blower, which improves the quality and raises the temperature to 25-40 degrees Celsius.

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