How does one way vision work?

2023-12-20 15:09:41 SignWell Materials

one way glass, also known as two way mirror glass, is a type of glass that is transparent on one side and reflective on the other. Unlike standard glass, which is transparent on both sides, one way vision allows visibility from one side while blocking visibility from the other. This advertising material is commonly used for advertisements, brand promotion, vehicle windows, and window films. From the inside, one can see the outside, but from the outside, only the advertisement or pattern can be seen. It does not obstruct light and provides good privacy. When used for commercial purposes, it not only offers a sense of privacy but also serves as a means of brand promotion.


To achieve this effect, self-adhesive window film is applied to flat glass surfaces. It cannot be applied to other materials, such as transparent plastic, as it will not be effective. Our one way vision consists of printed graphic areas and unprinted transparent areas. Why is it not possible to see inside from the outside? When you look from the outside to the inside, your attention is drawn to the side with the pattern. It has strong reflective properties and can reflect a significant amount of light. The reflected light is more dominant than the area that can be seen through, which is why it is not possible to see inside from the outside.



The one way vision effect ensures excellent concealment when viewed from the outside to the inside, providing good privacy. This effect is achieved through a black backing that completely covers all printed areas on the film. When viewed from the reverse side of the film, the view through the film takes precedence because the back of the film has a black layer that absorbs light. This effect is not noticeable to the viewer, making one way vision an excellent material for blocking sunlight and providing good lighting and privacy.