Direct Thermal Paper Labels SW-TWB72

Signwell SW-TWB72 Thermal Paper Water-based Adhesive Blue Glassine Paper
Short Introduction

Product Name: Direct Thermal Paper Labels

The direct thermal paper labels are high-quality label materials made from blue glassine paper and water-based adhesive. They do not require ink or ribbons and can achieve image and text printing through direct thermal printing technology.

Products Description

Product Name

Thermal Paper Water-based Adhesive Blue Glassine Paper

Item No.




Glue Type

Water-based Adhesive

Film thickness

72 g

Release paper

50 g

Printing Ink







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The blue glassine paper used in these labels is sufficiently smooth, enhancing the printing effect. The water-based adhesive has excellent adhesion properties, allowing it to firmly adhere to various surfaces.

Our product can be applied to surfaces such as paper, plastic, cardboard, and glass. It is tear-resistant and easy to use, making it suitable for applications such as courier packages and supermarket retail labels. If you are interested in our product, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with the best product.


  • Water-proof

  • Oil Resistant

  • Clear print effect BPA BPS free

  • Sticky adhesion

  • Easy to peel off


1. Bank

2. Delivery receipt

3. Supermarket

4. Shopping malls

5. Restaurant

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