HP Indigo 50mic PET Film Label for Digital Printing

Product name: Signwell SWLB-ID005 HP Indigo 50mic PET Film Label for Digital Printing

Introducing the Signwell SWLB-ID005, an exceptional 50mic PET Film Label designed specifically for digital printing with HP Indigo technology. This premium label boasts excellent print quality, ensuring that your graphics, text, and images are vivid, crisp, and professional. The 50-micron thickness provides a durable and flexible label that is both water-resistant and tear-resistant, making it a reliable choice for various applications.

Short Introduction

Products Description

Product Name

HP Indigo PET Film Label

Item No.


Top Coating

HP Indigo

Glue Type

Water Based Glue


50 mic PET

Release paper

150g Chrome Paper

Printing Method

HP Indigo, Laser


Roll Length: 100-2000m, Roll Width:40-1070mm

Sheets: 330mm*482mm, 320mm*460m, 530mm*762m


Export Standard Packing;Customized


  • It has good performance for water-proof, oil and chemicals resistant, beautiful printingperformance, wearable, corrosion resistant, tear resisitant.

  • Excellent transparency, thin and tough surface, suitable for high spped matching, die cutting and automatic labeling.

  • Better durability, more electroInk adhesion.

  • Unique electroInk technology can make ink drying immediately afterprinting and greatly reduce printing cycle.


The Signwell SWLB-ID005 is versatile and can be employed across multiple sectors. It is perfect for product labeling in industries such as cosmetics, electronics, automotive, and beverages, where durability and a high-end appearance are crucial. Additionally, it is suitable for use on assets and equipment that require a robust labeling solution. Whether for branding, identification, or instructional purposes, this PET film label provides a dependable and professional touch to any product.

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