PP Synthetic Sticker SW-SC001

Signwell SW-SC001 Indoor Advertising Self-adhesive Matt 10012 Dye PP Sticker 
Short Introduction

Signwell is a professional manufacturer of PP synthetic paper stickers. We are committed to providing high-quality PP synthetic stickers.

Our products have numerous advantages, as they are manufactured using high-quality PP materials that have been recognized and certified by multiple accreditation organizations. The materials possess exceptional water resistance and abrasion resistance. Therefore, they are suitable for use in any environment, whether it is high temperature or humidity, without suffering damage. Furthermore, they do not compromise their adhesive properties.

Our stickers can be applied on surfaces such as glass, plastic, and metal. They adhere reliably and maintain excellent adhesion while preserving their stickiness.

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Products Description

Product Name

Matt 10012 Dye PP Sticker PP Synthetic Sticker

Item No.




Glue Type

Waterbased Permanent

Film thickness

100um PP

Release paper

12um PET

Printing Ink



0.914/1.07/1.27/1.52 M


Export Carton


  • Economic and environmental protection

  • High image accuracy

  • Fast ink drying

  • Good ink absorbency


Advertising brochures, indoor display boards, banners, trademarks, engineering drawings, photos and so on.

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