80140 Polymeric Cold Lamination PVC Film Glossy

Signwell SW-LAM017 80140 Polymeric Cold Lamination PVC Film Glossy
Short Introduction
Cold lamination film is a kind of HD transparent film, which can effectively solve the defects of bubbles, white spots and fog, etc.It is suitable for a variety of pictures, can be used on smooth or curved surface, play the role of decoration and protection. The product has the functions of excellent color reduction and picture protection.

Products Description

Product Name

80140 Polymeric Cold Lamination PVC Film Glossy

Item No.




Glue Type

Water-based clear adhesive

PVC film thickness

80 mic

Release paper

140 g

Printing Ink


PVC Color



0.914/1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52 M


Export Carton


  • Protect the picture, waterproof and scratch resistant;

  • High transparency, no fading, anti-yellowing;

  • Strong adhesion, not easy to fall off;

  • Strong reduction performance and good shrinkage resistance.


1. Photos, pictures, magazines, calligraphy;

2. Indoor or outdoor advertising posters, car stickers, banners, signs and many output;

3. Catalogue, leaflet , certificates, office files, menus, bookmarks.

  • SW-LAM019

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