Super Transparent Crystal PET Lamination Film

Signwell SWell-CL007 Super Transparent Crystal PET Lamination Film

Short Introduction

The PET crystal film material is made from the composite of ordinary laser, inkjet photo or traditional print photo. From the inside to the outside (cover), crystal clear and smooth, it has a good crystal texture.

In addition, the crystal film can also be painted directly: after tearing up the protective film on the surface of the crystal film, the user is spraying the painting machine and spraying the painting directly on the surface.

Products Description

Product Name

Super Transparent Crystal PET Lamination Film

Item No.



Crystal PET

Glue Type

Permanent Clear

PVC film thickness

30um PE + 250um Transparent PET

Release paper

15um PET

Printing Ink


PVC Film



0.914/1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52 M


Export Carton


  • High anti-corrosion,anti-ultraviolet erosion,never fade,never yellow, anti scratch, stain and moisture.

  • Increase the strong three-dimensional sense and have unintended effects.

  • Easy Handle,convenient and fast and high yield. Less input equipment, complete supporting materials.

  • Free samples are available.


Use for making crystal photo albums, crystal paintings, and small light boxes in the Banks, shopping malls and telecommunication bureaus. It works very well.

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