Rainbow Film Dazzle Film Swell-BL003

Signwell SWELL-BL003 Red&Blue Light Rainbow PET Laminatiom
Short Introduction

The rainbow film is also called the dazzle film, the phantom color film, the laser film, dichroic film, iridescent film. It will be two or more diffirent refractive index of the resin melt extrusion and ordinal interval superposition of more than 100 level, each layer thickness is only few hundred nanometres plastic composite film.

The magic effect of rainbow film is that the rich optical effect of the base material of the rainbow membrane is different from different distances and angles.

Products Description

Product Name

Red&Blue Light Rainbow Laminatiom

Item No.



Rainbow Transparent PET

Glue Type

Permanent Glue

Film thickness

60um PET

Release paper

19um PET

Printing Ink



0.914/1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52 M


Export Carton


  • Creates changing.

  • The flexible, transparent Rainbow film contains more than 120 layers of two or more different polymers.

  • These layers separate into the colors of the spectrum. When light is reflected from the film.

  • The observed colors vary as one changes the angle of observation.

  • Can be laminated with either paper.


Window grille glass decoration.

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