How To Apply Cold Laminating Film?

2024-02-21 17:10:16 SignWell Materials

How to use cold laminating film, is a need to follow a strict process, in the use of cold laminating film, you need to turn the machine on both sides of the regulator handle, the upper and lower shafts are separated, and then laminating pictures and cold laminating film into the two shafts at the same time, turn the pressure regulator handle. Make the upper axis parallel downward movement. When turning the pressure regulating handle feels very easy, it means that the upper and lower shafts are in contact. At this time there is no need to continue to press, just gently tighten the regulating handle. If you continue to press, the shaft will be deformed, it will be the last operation Times. As soon as the pressure is adjusted, the picture between the two shafts and the cold laminating film is withdrawn from between the two shafts, the film is ready to be loaded.


Cold laminating film may appear in the use of problems and solutions 

Cold laminating film blisters during use:

Problem description: Cold laminating film bubbles during lamination, affecting the lamination effect and appearance.

Possible causes and solutions:

Air residue: Air is not discharged during operation resulting in bubbles.

Solution: Use the scraper or roller pressure tool to expel the air smoothly to ensure the laminating surface is flat.

Improper temperature: Laminating quickly under high temperature environment or using too cold cold laminating film.

Solution: According to the use of cold laminating film requirements, control the laminating temperature to avoid too large a temperature difference.

Incomplete surface treatment: there are pollutants such as dust or oil on the surface of the substrate.

Solution: Clean the surface of the substrate before lamination to ensure that there is no dust and oil.

Fogging of cold laminating film during use :

Problem Description : Cold laminating film appears blurred and foggy on the surface after lamination, affecting the visual effect.

Possible causes and solutions:

Unstable laminating temperature : The temperature difference is too big or the laminating temperature is not suitable.

Solution: control the laminating temperature to avoid excessive temperature fluctuations.

Membrane material problem: the quality of the selected cold laminating film is not good.

Solution: Choose reliable quality cold laminating film products to ensure good material.

Wet substrate: there is water vapor or moisture on the surface of substrate.

Solution: Ensure the surface of the substrate is dry before lamination to avoid water vapor interference.

Wrinkles in the use of cold laminating film.

Problem description: Cold laminating film appears wrinkles after lamination, affecting the appearance effect and lamination quality.

Possible causes and solutions:

Uneven laminating pressure: Uneven or excessive pressure during lamination.

Solution: Adjust the pressure of the laminating machine to maintain uniform laminating pressure.

Uneven stretching: uneven stretching of the material in the lamination process.

Solution: Strengthen the operation skills to keep the material evenly stretched to avoid wrinkles.

Air bubbles gathering: Air bubbles are not eliminated, resulting in the formation of wrinkles when laminating.

Solution: Ensure that air is smoothly discharged during the lamination process to avoid air bubbles from gathering.